Practice,practice and more practice.

Source: Practice,practice and more practice.

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Practice,practice and more practice.


So you look good with the new outfit,great hair cut,shiny shoes and white teeth.But how do you sound?Are you confident rather than cocky,pleasant rather than abrasive and does your conversation flow with no ums or ers?Don’t panic if you are not sure because there’s a way to check this and fix it.

Everyone has a cell phone so why not put it to good use?Take time out to record your  sales presentation or phone prospecting technique.Listen to how you emphasise words and how friendly you sound.Do you rush (which makes you sound unfriendly) or are you are measured and confident?Is your voice high pitched or mellow,and do you come across as someone who is likeable and can be trusted?

With practice,practice and more practice you can learn to craft your voice so that it matches the confident,well dressed and professional image that you present.Don’t worry if you sound a bit tough to begin with,just keep practising and have some fun with it.


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Know your numbers and have a system for success.

Source: Know your numbers and have a system for success.

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Know your numbers and have a system for success.


Top sales people know their numbers.They know exactly what they have to achieve (sell) on a daily basis to reach their income goals for the month,quarter and year.They plan their days in advance to maximise their selling time.They set clear activity goals each day to help them reach their desired income level.

Being organised not only makes you more productive but also reduces your stress levels as well.If you have issue’s with organisational skills don’t panic.Its simple and  easy to plan not only your sales day but also your larger goals as well.Try the following

1.What would you like your annual income level to be?

The sales professional has the ability to control how much they earn.It doesn’t matter if you work solely on commission or on a combination of base salary plus bonus,it is all based on activity.

2.What monthly,weekly and daily income do you need?

Break down your annual income to a monthly figure to smaller and more manageable amounts.I used to break this down further to hourly amounts  but found that it drove me a bit nuts so decided to keep the daily amount as a minimum.

3.What daily activity do you need to do?

Plan your day in adavance to achieve your daily sales goal.Keep the mornings free (the platinum hours ) for prospecting new clients.This might be by door knocking or working the phones or email.Spend the late part of the morning following up on phone calls from the previous day.

The golden hours are from roughly 1pm onwards.Use these hours to check emails,make appointments and prepare quotes and presentations.It is most important NOT TO CHECK EMAILS before this time.Checking emails early in the day will derail your momentum and have you “chasing rabbits down holes”.If it’s really important people can phone you.

At the end of each day plan your activity for the following day.Make a list of who you need to visit,call or email with the most important and potentially productive task at the top of the list.Set out your next day in a clear pattern that will help you achieve your goals.Find a good and easy CRM (client relationship manager) to use on your phone or iPad.I use the basic SELLF CRM app and have found it easy and fun to use.

I hope that you will find the above tips useful.We all tend to over complicate planning and tasks.But when we are in control of our day we are in control of our future.

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Work the target.


In today’s fast passed business market there is often not just one decision maker.Often there are multiple layers of influencers that you need to include in the sales process.Don’t leap frog the process and fall into the trap of presenting your product or solution to someone who isn’t part of the “target”.Start an initial conversation by asking not who,but rather how many people/heads of departments are involved in the procurement process.Once you have this information make introduction appointments then refine your presentation for their specific areas of interest.Sure this may take more time and effort but the rewards will be worth it.

Work the “target” and progress towards the final decision maker by bringing along the influencers with you.


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We all have them.


We all have those days when nothing seems to go right.No matter how much planning we do the night before it all seems to fall down the next day.So what do you do when this happens?Do you have a pitty party (react) about it and wallow in self doubt,or do reset (respond) and move on?

How you look at temporary setbacks will determine how long it takes to achieve your goals.Be proactive and enjoy your life.

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It’s not all about the price.


If it’s all about price in your market there would be no need for sales people and in turn there would be no need for purchasing departments.All that would be required would be two computerised systems,one  giving purchase orders and the other processing purchase orders.But this is not the case.

Its not about price,it’s about value and relationships.Buyers in all markets want quantity,service and value from their vendors.They start to look around when these three areas in the relationship with their existing vendors start to fail.Taking clients for granted is also the worst sin that a sales person can commit.Most buyers are prepared to pay more for a product or service if they know that can get the quality,service and value from an alternative vendor when that vendor comes knocking.

So next time someone asks for the lowest price remind them that a low price often comes with a cost that they may in fact not want to accept.

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