New month with new opportunities


Welcome to July.

Its a new month with new sales opportunities in abundance.June is gone and it’s a time to review and reset for a month of achievement.Have a look at your sales funnel/pipeline and take out those prospects that have no hope of closing within the next 45 days.This will enable you to replace them with new prospects that are more likely to close and have better opportunity for growth.

If your company sets sales quotas (this is the bare minimum that you need to achieve) I want you to put on top of this 15%.Take charge of your area and take charge of your income.Doing this will help you own your success.

Invest in yourself by buying personal development material.Don’t rely on your company to provide this.Go out and buy books and audiobooks that will help you in your professional sales growth.Top sales people take care of their own p.d.

Take your sales target for the month and break it down into weekly,daily and hourly amounts.A seemingly large and difficult figure is more achievable in bite size amounts.

Block out chunks of time in your day specifically for prospecting of new clients.If you are in internal sales put a sign on your door saying you are doing this and not to be interrupted.Put your cell phone away and eliminate distractions.If you are in external sales make an appointment with yourself to be at your first call at the same time every day.Have the early part of the day (7am-1pm) locked in for prospecting.Use the rest of the day to check email,follow ups and phone calls.

Plan each day on advance and know what you will be doing.Sure,things come up and this might change but it will give you confidence knowing what you will be doing for the next day.Take charge of the day and don’t let the day take charge of you.

I hope that these ideas are useful and that you can use them.Heres to a new month with new opportunities ☀️

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