Hot sales tip #7 -8 tips for LinkedIn use.


Linkedin is a must have for all sales professionals.It is the best way to create warm contacts and help move those prospects from unaware to aware.Lets face facts,you need to interrupt someone’s day and let them know you exist.As a sales professional DO NOT use this platform to sell as this will be the quickest way to be deleted/blocked by those you want to develop a business realationship with.Use Linkedin to educate and inform about who you are and the products and services you specialise in.

The following are 8 tips on LinkedIn use.

1.Be active to be known.Like,post and comment on relevant topics at least once a day.

2.After a sales meeting with a prospect send a Linkedin invitation.They will be most receptive to accepting your invitation after seeing you.

3.Be a subject matter expert.Post and comment on issues that you specialise in.

4.DO NOT use this platform as you use Facebook.No one cares about your cat or dog.

5.Be specific with your connection requests.Target specific people such as CEO,CFO,COF and office managers.Think about who you would like to connect with and what you can offer.

6.Work your geographical area.

7.Update your profile.Make sure you have a profile picture that is current and is professional.Get rid of sunglasses or party photos and keep those for Facebook.

8.Schedule time everyday to be active on LinkedIn.I personally find early morning or between 4-5pm is best for those contacts I want to interact with.

Never in the history of sales have we been able to interact with more people and help them achieve their goals.Have fun with Linkedin,but it will only work for you if you use it regularly.

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