Six of the best.


My wife (who is a teacher) tells me that I should read more.But  like most of us making a block of time to read can be a challenge.So the next best thing is listening to podcasts in auto university or when we are exercising.But what to listen to?I have found the following podcasts to be a great source of inspiration and would like to share them with you.I hope that you find them as useful as I have.

1.Business Boost.Daily business motivation.

2.The Advanced Selling Podcast.Sales training and leadership coaching.4.

3.Bible Answers Live.Amazing Facts-Gods Message Is Our Mission.

4.The Productivityist Podcast.Mike Vardy.6.

5.The Daily Boost.Daily Motivation/Life Skills.

6.The 700 Club.The Christian Broadcasting Network.

Check out the iTunes store for these and other great motivational podcasts.Remember we can alter who we are by what we put into our minds.Good stuff in,good stuff out.


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1 Response to Six of the best.

  1. jaggu118 says:

    even for me reading is tough challenge…


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