Hot sales tip #9 Business goes to where it’s appreciated


When was the last time you were thanked by the salesperson for making a purchase?I am certain that you remember what you purchased,where you purchased it and how much you invested in the purchase.I am also certain that you told multiple people about how good the salesperson was recommended that they contact that business/salesperson when they were also ready to buy.

We all like to be appreciated,and that includes our customers and prospects when we interact with them.Buyers have an inbuilt fear of making a wrong decision,and that their jobs are dependent on the decisions that they make.Help sooth their stress by “holding their hand” through the sales process and once the order is placed thank them for the order.It might sound like a small thing,but being polite and having good manners will definitely help you stand out from the herd of amateur sales people.

Business goes to where it’s appreciated.This coming week make a mental note of how many times you are thanked for a purchase you yourself make.You will be surprised at how many times it doesn’t happen.

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